Lennie here :]

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Lennie here :]

Post  Lenaria on Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:23 am

Haiu, everyone.
I'm Lenaria x3, but most people are too lazy to type out the whole thing, so they jus call me 'Len', or type out, 'Lennie' lol
I'm jus a kid, (16), with a bad case of memory loss at times.
I was born in Cali, but somehow moved all across the states over to Virginia for personal reasons Very Happy
I don't really have any hobbies [;o;], but I really love making new friends :]
I have a cellphone, but I don't really use it to talk. I'm a textaholic, lol.. and a Holicholic Owo~
Maybe when school starts, I won't be playing as much..
Yaaay, 11th grade! :'D

So I jus read my hubby's topic~ And now I feel bad xD~
YESH, my heart has been kidnapped by Josh <3 (Wandy) x3
He's the greatest, and sweetest guy I know, and he means the world to me ^.^~~
lulz, Baibai, everyone Very Happy
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