Pranks? They make Life better!

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Pranks? They make Life better!

Post  FireMist on Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:36 am

Hey guys & gals,

What's the latest prank you have played on someone? lol.. it was kinda on spur. Anyways, I'll go first.. 1) Hid my roomie's school ID card this afternoon, she didnt notice it missing until dinner when we wanted to get some dinner then.. 2) Successfully locked said roomie out of the room a couple of mins ago. Mwhahaha!! xD

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Re: Pranks? They make Life better!

Post  DresdenDoll on Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:30 am

Hmm.. at my previous job, a friend of mine and I thought it would be funny to tie some tin cans to the back of our co-workers car. We waited till she started to drive off (mind you this is like 2-3am so its all quiet).. she got about half way down the street and stopped. She got out of her car.. shook her head and cut one of them off. (she didnt see the other one cuz it had rolled under the car). So, she got back in her car and started to drive off again.. made it to the stop sign (yes we could still see her).. and she got out of the car again.. and looked a little agitated. So.. being the 'great' friends we are.. drove past her giggling.

Another incident.. we filled another one of our coworkers trucks with newspaper. And I dont mean just the floor.. from floor to window.

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