[The Bosses]

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[The Bosses]

Post  DresdenDoll on Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:57 am

Bosses of each map:

Feather Plains~ The Brutal Crocodile: Drops accessories

Nuts Ranch~ The Great Grape Hunter: Drops accessories

Hazewoods~ The Nymph: Drops Accessories

Crag Mountain~ Judge: Drops Accessories

Strider Canyon~ Spirit of the Spiral Mountain: Drops Accessories

Forgotten Valley~ The Devils Armor: Drops Accessories

Library of Lamentione~ Chief Librarian Book: Drops Wailing Footmarks(shoes)

Lake of Lamentione~ Baupus: Drops Wailing Heart(shirt)

Swamp of Lamentione~ Copperice: Drops Wailing Maze (pants)

Maze of Lamentione~ (currently is no boss) (would be dropping gloves)

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