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[Stats Guide]

Post  DresdenDoll on Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:51 am

Character Stats
-HP~ Adds to characters health
-MP~ Adds to characters mana
-Strength~ Adds to characters physical attack
-Wisdom~ Adds to characters magic attack (only applies to Mage and Priest)
-Dexterity~ Adds to rogue/hunter physical attack and evasion
-Health~ Adds to characters health and hp regen rate
-Spirit~ Adds to characters mana and mp regen rate
-Agility~ Adds to evasion
-Luck~ Increases hp/mp regen rate and critical rate

-Physical Attack~ # is your current attack range
-Magic Attack~ # is your current m.attack range
-Evasion~ (necessary for rogues/hunters) dodge rate
-Flexibility~ Increases chance for miss when being attacked by enemy
-Critical~ Increases the chance for a critical.. critical is 200% of normal attack dmg.
-Accuracy~ Increases your chance of hitting enemy
-Fatal Blow~ Knockback of monster and does 120% of normal attack dmg.

Mage/Priest use Wisdom for their attack
Rogue/Hunter use Dexterity for their attack
Warrior/Monk use Strength for their attack

All your stats are based on your armor. Blessing and glory are the main rare items you can pick up from any normal/elite mob. Wailing items (rare green drops) are from Library of Lamentione, Lake of Lamentione, Swamp of Lamentione, and Maze of Lamentione.

When I find the information, I will edit this and display the differences between glory and blessing armors and weapons for all 6 classes. Thank you. ^.^


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