Wanderer has arrived :D

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Wanderer has arrived :D

Post  D.j. Limecat on Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:32 am

Sure most of you guys don't know me, but hey get ready to know me then. Pretty simple I'm usually like refered to as sweetie by Len ( <3 you len! ) or Wandy or just plain Wand, if you catch Josh thats me I ain't really afraid to host my name online lol. Not much Hobbies I like to just sit around and think about life I guess, Holic counts as a hobby right? Hahaha, Well, not much to say just hope you guys have fun Hysteria's pretty cool and I'm picky when it comes to guild's Wink, cya around also Dj Limecat for my rep in uploading songs for a Dance Dance Revolution Simulation for computer haha.

Just read everyones else's and thought I should edit xD. So, I'm 14 year old boy pretty young am I right? Born in Cali living in Cali heh, School starts August 25th so don't expect me on as much just keep in touch through MSN haha that's all I got Oo.

(^^)v Peace Out :3
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Re: Wanderer has arrived :D

Post  Nebulosus on Sat Aug 23, 2008 6:55 pm

A fan of Elfen Lied~~ yay lol

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